Friday, 6 February 2009

Prayer-row nurse can return to work

New guidelines on NHS workers discussing religion with patients and other staff were criticised as a nurse suspended for offering to pray for a patient was asked to return to work.

Caroline Petrie, 45, of Weston-super-Mare, was accused of failing to show a commitment to equality and diversity after the incident. But NHS North Somerset Primary Care Trust (PCT) said she was now welcome to return to work.

Campaigners say they fear more staff may find themselves in trouble if their religious beliefs come into conflict with the guidelines set out in a document called Religion or Belief: A Practical Guide for the NHS.
Can somebody explain this obsession with "equality and diversity", and why religious beliefs don't contribute thereto? Prayer is a form of complementary medicine, and while I'm not religious, it is well documented that a positive attitude and relaxed surroundings can contribute significantly to a quicker recovery.

Source: The Metro

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Witterings From Witney said...

Just the point I tried to make on this story. Never mind, our day will come - my only worry is whether we have sufficient lamp posts and hemp!