Thursday, 26 February 2009

NI health fraud was 'preventable'

There's no actual injury or death to patients involved here, but it's £270,000 that could have been better spent elsewhere ...
A fraud which cost the health service in NI more than £270,000 was preventable, according to the Public Accounts Committee. Over eight years, solicitor George Brangam siphoned off money mostly while settling medical negligence cases. A number of recommendations have been put forward by the PAC including more fraud awareness training.

Mr Brangam would invoice health bodies for more money than the case had actually been settled for, then keep the extra cash, ranging from £1,250 up to £75,000. Paul Maskey, PAC chair, said the mistakes must not be repeated. "This is one of the worst examples of procurement practice that this committee has ever seen," he said.
Don't worry, Paul! This is the NHS, there'll be an even worse example along in a few minutes.

Source: BBC

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