Thursday, 7 May 2009

Patient 'found dead in hospital lavatory after three days'

From the Telegraph

The man, 22, allegedly suffocated himself in the cubicle, and was only discovered on Wednesday when a nurse asked a colleague to break open the door when she sensed something was wrong.

He was reported as missing on Saturday from Watford general Hospital's acute admissions unit.
According to The Sun he had been admitted as a voluntary patient, was not believed to have had serious mental health issues and had not been sectioned.

A statement from West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust said police had launched an investigation into the incident.

It said: "We are unable to provide more detail at this time due to patient confidentiality but can confirm that we are treating this extremely seriously.

"We are carrying out a thorough internal investigation surrounding the circumstances of this incident and when this is complete we will issue a further statement, if appropriate."

A police spokeswoman said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.

She said: "We were called to Watford General hospital at 5am, following the discovery of a man's body in a locked toilet cubicle.

"We have informed the coroner and are working with the hospital to establish the course of events around this incident.

"We have been in contact with his family and obviously our thoughts are with them at this difficult time."

I have to say this takes the biscuit. Were the toilets not inspected by the cleaners or the nurses? for three days? Sensed is wrong... he probably smelt bad after three days in hospital temperatures.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Christ on a bike. WTF?

brightonyid said...

The toilets in my local pub are inspected every couple of hours, 3 days and the toilets were not inspected, christ i hope i never get ill.

Henry North London said...

Yes Dick This is the state of the modern NHS. Nobody frickin' cares about anything.

Even when I was a patient the baths were regularly shat in and the shower wasn't fixed for 3 weeks...

Keeping clean was a nightmare...