Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Nurse sues own hospital over hysterectomy

A nurse is suing the hospital where she works after a hysterectomy operation almost killed her.

Susan Melo developed blood clots in her lungs – which fewer than two per cent survive – hours after she was discharged without anti-clotting medication.

She also alleged health bosses tried to stop her making a formal complaint. 'It makes me ashamed I belong to this kind of organisation,' said the 47-year-old, 'If I hadn't been a nurse I would have died.'

Mrs Melo, of Kentish Town in north London, was discharged from the nearby Whittington Hospital last month. But later she was taken back and doctors found large clots had moved from her leg to her lungs.

A spokeswoman at the hospital confirmed bosses were investigating and apologised.
Source: The Metro.

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Henry North London said...

The Whittington is a nightmare