Wednesday, 13 May 2009

NHS criticised for Baby P errors

A catalogue of failings by the NHS meant a series of opportunities that could have saved Baby P's life were missed, the health regulator says.

The toddler, who has now been named as Peter, was seen by health services 35 times before his death in August 2007. Two doctors involved in his care have already been suspended. But the Care Quality Commission said services across Haringey in London were poor, prompting an apology from the NHS trusts involved.
I'm not sure whether we should take this seriously, actually. The Quality Care Commission arejust a brand new quango who will obviously need to raise their profile by shoving their nose in where it's not wanted, but hey.

Source: BBC

Editorial add on from Henry North London

There is a memo or email that was sent round Haringey Council that it was too expensive to take children into care. Old Holborn has a copy of this email and poor Lynne Featherstone is still trying after 6 months to get it on Freedom of Information.

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