Sunday, 12 April 2009


Health bosses have been awarding themselves pay rises of up to 150 per cent while their patients are exposed to shocking superbug rates and life-threatening delays in treatment.

Under controversial Government rules, heads of Britain’s 117 flagship NHS foundation trusts run their own affairs – and even set their own salaries.

These tend to be far higher than non-foundation bosses’ salaries – an average of £157,000 for 2008, compared with £132,600, according to independent market analysts Incomes Data Services.

Last night Kevin Barron, chairman of the Health Select Committee, said: “We will be examining these issues over the next few weeks.”

One of the most stark examples is a series of rises for Martin Yeates, chief executive of Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust which runs Stafford Hospital where the Healthcare Commission discovered 400 patients died because of appalling emergency care.

The revelations will embarrass ­ministers determined to rein in the public-sector wage bill. Most frontline NHS staff received a mere 2.4 per cent pay rise last year.

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Henry North London said...

The same Kevin Barron who was on a jaunt to New Zealand, the same Kevin Barron who was parliamentary private secretary to Kinnock and Blair the same Kevin Barron who has done nothing for Maltby in 25 years
The same Kevin Barron who is a member of the GMC and who will get a final salary pension from them, the same Kevin Barron who helped shut the pits in South Yorkshire, and probably is highly on the fiddle and has been for years.