Monday, 20 April 2009

'Hospital of Death' gave wrong medicine

Three out of 10 elderly patients who died at a hospital were given inappropriate medication, an inquest jury ruled today.
The panel of five women and three men spent four weeks at Portsmouth Coroner's Court looking at how the 10 died at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital in Hampshire more than 10 years ago.

They ruled that in the cases of Robert Wilson, Elsie Devine and Geoffrey Packman the medication was not appropriate for their condition and symptoms but had been given for therapeutic reasons.

They also ruled that medication had contributed to the death of Elsie Lavender and Arthur Cunningham (known as Brian) but had been given for therapeutic reasons and was appropriate for their condition.

The jury ruled that medication had not contributed to the deaths of the other five patients, who were Leslie Pittock, Helena Service, Ruby Lake, Enid Spurgin and Sheila Gregory...
Source: The Metro


Ross said...

" 'Hospital of Death' gave wrong medicine "In retrospect the name was probably a giveaway.

JuliaM said...