Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Death hospital boss loses £175K pay-off claim

The hospital boss at the centre of Britain's worst ever bug outbreak in which 90 people died has failed in a £175,000 compensation claim against the NHS over the loss of her job.

Rose Gibb left her £150,000-a-year post as chief executive of the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust in Kent in October 2007, days before a highly critical report was published on the spread of clostridium difficile on overcrowded and dirty wards.

Because she left her post by mutual agreement, she was in line for a £250,000 severance package consisting of £175,000 compensation and £75,000 notice pay. The payment was blocked by the Department of Health after a public outcry, although she eventually received the notice money.
Well, half a cheer for that, I suppose, but it's still a pretty damning indictment of the NHS 'culture'.

Source: The Metro


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Darwen Reporter said...

Disgusting that she received anything at all!

She had a cheek pressing for it after her appalling record there.