Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Girl, 3, dies as 12 'spiked' drip bags found in ward

A girl of three has died in a children's ward where drip bags had been punctured, prompting fears they could have been spiked with dangerous drugs.

The child fell seriously ill before she was taken to hospital on Friday and died the following morning. Soon after, 12 fluid bags were found pierced in a storeroom for the wards and have been sent for analysis to see if they were contaminated.

The girl's parents were said to be heartbroken and were being supported by specialist police liaison officers.

'Detectives will be speaking to staff on the wards of the hospital including porters, cleaners, everyone,' a police spokeswoman said...

A post-mortem examination is being held today to determine how the girl died and if there is any link to the punctured bags.
Source: The Metro.

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JuliaM said...

No surprise it's Basildon - again. They are pretty notorious, as a glance at the local paper will show: