Thursday, 15 January 2009

Ormond St tot overdose probe

COPS are investigating as a premature baby fights for life from a massive overdose in a top hospital. Poppy Davies was left severely brain damaged and paralysed at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. The 14-day-old mite is “critical” on life support after a massive glucose intake and doctors say she has a “poor” chance of survival.

Her distraught parents Carly Davies, 22, and David Daly, 21, of Grays, Essex, are at her bedside. The tot was born three months premature in Norwich and transferred to the world famous Central London hospital last Saturday for a minor operation.

She was due to receive 2-4 millilitres of glucose intravenously on Sunday. Measured later, her blood sugar was up to 75 times higher than it should have been, at 150ml. A source said: “That’s the equivalent of just two teaspoonfuls of sugar — but hugely harmful to a baby so small and frail.”

Hospital management called in Scotland Yard. Detectives are investigating the possibility Poppy was mistakenly given an overdose by a junior female nurse.
Source: The Sun

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