Monday, 19 January 2009

Hospital to review body storage

Warrington Hospital says it will publish an internal review into why the remains of stillborn and miscarried babies were stored without permission. An investigation found there had been three cases since 2006, where remains were kept without parents' permission.

The hospital has apologised to a woman from Cheshire whose miscarried baby's body was stored for almost two years. Dr Hilary Furniss, from the hospital, said procedures had been changed to make sure it never happened again. "We are awaiting the final presentation of the full report, and until I and others in the trust receive it, I cannot comment on the actual details of what went wrong."
Er, why do they need to employ a commission to carry out an 'internal review' into 'procedures' and 'present a full report'? What's wrong with just asking the relatives for permission?

Source: BBC

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