Friday, 23 January 2009

Op gran left outside in her nightie

An oap recovering from surgery was left outside a hospital in the freezing cold for an hour in only her nightie.

Eileen Rowland, 78, had been led out of the building by a nurse to wait for an ambulance home. The medic then went back to fetch the great gran's jacket but never returned.

Weak from an operation to replace a leg artery, she was left shivering in her gown before a taxi arrived instead of an ambulance. It had gone to the wrong entrance. Mrs Rowland, who had already had a 10-hour wait in a corridor for drugs, said: "They forgot about me. I didn't dare move as I thought I'd miss the ambulance." Royal Blackburn Hospital apologised to the pensioner, of Burnley. It admitted: "It was totally unacceptable."
Source: The Daily Mirror

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The Royal Blackburn is my local hospital. It's all gone down hill there despite it being a nearly new state of the art, all singing all dancing hospital.

Go in with a cut thumb and you can expect to wait at least five hours even on a quiet day.