Thursday, 2 August 2012

Everyone’s At Fault, No-one’s To Blame…

The court heard Melody's two friends, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Port, frantically tried to get help when the attack began on October 12, 2010, but neither had a mobile phone.
Instead, the pair took the decision to drive her to hospital. On the way to the city centre hospital, Melody was in 'severe distress' as she held her head out of the window battling for air. She even tried to get out of the vehicle in panic.
When they arrived at the hospital car park in Mount Vernon, Grace ran into the reception to plead for help for her stricken friend.
As you would. I mean, here you are, at a hospital, run by that wonder of the world - the NHS - that Michael Moore has told all your countrymen should be replicated in your own country immediately.

You’re saved, right? You’re in the right place!

The medical student was told she had to call 999 and despite her screams of dismay was turned back to the car, where Elizabeth was supporting 'swaying' Melody to the entrance.
She collapsed before reaching the door and an ambulance arrived to take her the few yards to the A&E department.
But it’s not the fault of the NHS! Perish the thought:
…Liverpool Coroner’s Court heard the decision to take Melody to the hospital by car rather than call paramedics 'was the wrong one' and the coroner said he would not attach 'culpability' to the NHS.
And yet…
The hospital has since reviewed its policy for responding to medical emergencies within the hospital grounds.
Hmmm. They aren’t at fault. The coroner said so. Why change?

And…who is at fault, if anyone?
Mr Rebello told the court of the findings presented in the report by Dr Taggart, who claimed that the 'decision to put Melody in the car was the wrong one'.
He continued: 'Paramedics carry the appropriate equipment in case of an asthma attack of this nature and calling 999 would mean the medicine is brought to them.' Similarly, the findings from Dr Good stated that 'lack of awareness' was a factor in deaths caused by asthma attacks.
Dr Good wrote: 'The decision to travel by car is a common factor in deaths through asthma attacks.
'At the time of arrival, she was one to two minutes from respiratory arrest and no amount of emergency care would have saved her.'
So, it’s the fault of her two friends. Right?

Nope. Not really them, either:
Tearful Mr Davis asked the coroner if staff at the Royal Liverpool Hospital were at fault, but Mr Rebello said he would not to attach 'culpability' to the NHS.
He also told the grieving father, who lives with his wife Dorothea in San Jose, that Melody’s friends acted in her best interests.
Mr Rebello told Melody’s father: 'I am sure you would have liked attention to have been given in a different way when Melody arrived at the hospital.
'But the experts say that was not causative to her death.
'I’m hoping that the tragedy and upset you have suffered will enable other parents to take heed of the advice and to phone 999.
'In that way Melody’s death would not have been in vain.'
Seems like it was in vain to me…


Furor Teutonicus said...

XX He continued: 'Paramedics carry the appropriate equipment in case of an asthma attack of this nature and calling 999 would mean the medicine is brought to them.' XX

Aye. Five hours later, IF they are not all on tea break.

Mjolinir said...

New topic?
Emma Stones death: Tameside Hospital staff care 'inadequate'

The inquest heard that staff failed to monitor Emma Stones
A 12-year-old disabled girl may have died more than four hours before staff at a Greater Manchester hospital noticed her, an inquest has heard.

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Mistie said...

Wow! who is to blame? that was a sad story, hopefully the administration has changed their policies by now.

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Sachin Disilva said...

A miserable story, but who is responsible for this, oh God…


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