Sunday 22 April 2012

The NHS - Run For The Patients?

Picture the scene - Southend Hospital's phlebotomy service:
Under the automated system, outpatients have to book in and get a number from a touch screen before waiting for their number to come up on another screen.
They must then proceed to the hospital’s phlebotomy department on the mezzanine floor, where they face another wait for the number to come up again.
And woe betide you if this system doesn't suit your personal circumstances:
Rosemary Debenham was waiting with her daughter and grandson, who needed a blood test, when the drama unfolded.
Mrs Debenham said: “An elderly gentleman with two walking sticks came into the upstairs department. He said as he was not very mobile and he was frightened of missing his slot, he would wait upstairs until his number was called.”
What could possibly go wrong?
“He was told it could be a two-hour wait, but he was quite happy with this saying he had a newspaper and was content to wait.
“A member of staff then told him he had to wait downstairs and if he didn’t go he would call security. The elderly gentleman was then forcibly removed by security from the upstairs department.”
NHS staff. Angels, all.