Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Elderly told: Bang tambourine to call for nurses' help

HOSPITAL chiefs have apologised after giving elderly patients a TAMBOURINE to call for nurses in an emergency.

The musical instrument was left in a day room after older patients feared they were too far away for nurses to hear any cries for help.

A pair of maracas were also handed out as a back-up — in case the tambourine failed.

But an NHS watchdog complained and bosses are now providing a hand bell - and making sure patients are accompanied.

Cardiff Royal Infirmary is well known for its long corridors and has been used to film episodes of TV's Dr Who.

Staff put the tambourine in the West Wing day room following complaints from frail patients that they struggled to get the attention of staff.

Source: The Sun


JuliaM said...

So, rather than simply get a bell/chime from B&Q they actually sourced a musical instrument..!

Frances Garrood said...

Reminds me of kindergarten (am well on the way to my second kindergarten, and not looking forward to my tambourine).

Apropos your last post, a friend's husband, with a serious chest infection, (he is in his 60s and has a history of pneumonia) was yesteray diagnosed over the phone by a nurse and presribed antibiotics without being seen by anybody.