Thursday, 16 June 2011

Accountability? What Accountability..?

A GP who sent a four-year-old girl home with a fatal pneumonia infection can continue practicing medicine after a hearing found he had “learned his lesson”.
Oh, really?
Dr Shoab Ibrahim failed to listen to the concerns of the girl’s parents and did not carry out “simple but important” tests that would have shown she was seriously ill.
Yes, clearly a very easy mistake to make for someone whose job consists mostly of listening to patients and then ordering tests….

Ibrahim, who practices at the Robert Frew Medical Centre, in Silva Island Way, Wickford, was told by the General Medical Council he was guilty of misconduct in his treatment of the girl, but that his failings were “highly unlikely to be repeated”.

Panel chairman Sheleen McCormack told him: “You have shown insight into your misconduct and you have remedied the deficiencies in this case.

“The panel does not consider your fitness to practice is impaired.”
That doesn’t seem to jibe with this part of the summing up, though:
Ms McCormack said the girl’s parents had been “clear, consistent and reliable” in their evidence, whereas the doctor was “inconsistent in several material respects”.
That sounds very, very close to ‘We caught you out in a lie several times’. Doesn’t it?
Ibrahim, who qualified in Pakistan in 1988, can now continue practicing without restrictions as a result of the decision.
Great. Glad he isn’t my GP.

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