Friday, 18 September 2009

Woman bled to death after doctor punctured her jugular

A young woman died in hospital during an operation after doctors punctured her neck while inserting a drip.

Sally Thompson, 20, lost two litres of blood after the neck puncture and had to wait nearly two hours before she could receive a blood transfusion.

The doctor failed to follow NHS guidelines when inserting the drip and punctured her jugular vein.

Doctors at Manchester Royal Infirmary then requested blood from the hospital but none arrived until one hour and 45 minutes later.

Ms Thompson, an administration assistant from Middleton, had a rare blood disorder and went to hospital feeling weak.

Dr Jaydeep Mandel decided to use a central venous catheter to insert drugs but should have used ultra-sound equipment, according to guidelines.

"It beggars belief that the ultrasound equipment was there and could have saved a life but wasn't used. The guidelines were in place to stop something like this happening."
Source: Metro

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Conservative Cali Girl said...

Health Insurance Coverage clearly does not mean Health CARE.

It makes me think of telling a classroom full of kids- "hey do you all want a cookie?" yes. yes.. "ok. take one oreo and split it 30 crumbs."

Doctors are not going to be paid enough resulting in less experience, taxes will be higher, patient care will be worse. The government will be handing out pain killers in lieu of proper medical treatment. Its just not right.

So tragic for that lady.