Thursday, 3 September 2009

NHS failings on cannibal detailed

Two reports are to detail NHS failings over the handling of a schizophrenic killer who killed two more people after release from a secure hospital.

Peter Bryan, 39, of east London, killed a friend and ate parts of his brain in 2004 - two years after being released from Rampton, in Nottinghamshire. He then went on to kill a patient after being sent to Broadmoor, in Berkshire.

The reports will look at how the risk he posed was assessed and the levels of security under which he was held.

Bryan was first sent to Rampton secure hospital in 1994 after beating 20-year-old shop assistant Nisha Sheth to death with a hammer in a clothes shop in Chelsea, south-west London. In 2002 he was released after applying to a mental health tribunal and allowed to live as a care in the community out-patient...
Source: BBC


TheBigYin said...

Released after only 8 years for murdering some innocent with a hammer? Shouldn't murderers, no matter their state of mind, get life? There again, all convicted murderers seem to get out after 12 to 15 years these days.

Henry North London said...

Thats the problem with psychopaths.

They can fool people