Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Paramedic's 'rant'' at 'f***ing p***ed' patient

A paramedic unleashed a four-letter tirade at a bus driver who called him out to treat a diabetic patient, a hearing was told.

Jason Sefton acted in a 'deliberate and fully disreputable' manner and accused the sick woman of being drunk, it was alleged. He told the bus driver: 'Look mate, she's pink, coherent and f***ing p***ed,' before adding he was too busy to deal with her. He later lied to his bosses by telling them the woman refused treatment.

She had to be saved by another ambulance crew after the incident in Liverpool in December 2007 and recovered in hospital. One of the medics, Chris Berry, said he challenged Sefton about his actions at the hospital but was subjected to a 'tirade' of swear words.

Sefton, of Liverpool, has resigned, the disciplinary hearing in central London was told.
Source: The Metro