Saturday, 22 August 2009

Swine Flu Vaccine contains Cancer cells

The Germans have found this out

Still think its a good idea

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Swine flu vaccine on the NHS is the easiest way you will die

It really will be a national death service, a case of life imitating parody.


TheFatBigot said...

Whether it's on the NHS or private, the point about the jab itself is the same.

No doubt some doctors will think, in all good faith after having considered the matter carefully and exercised their best judgment, that the jab is worth the risk. Others will think to the contrary, also acting in good faith and having considered the matter carefully and exercising their best judgment.

The curse of the NHS, the curse that causes so much waste and ill-feeling, is that decisions are not in the hands of individual doctors who can discuss things with their patients. THE answer will be dictated from on high. No one will be responsible, doctors will have no discretion, patients will get what they are given.

The curse of the NHS, as exemplified by this issue, is that it is a top-down organisation providing services that can only be effective when operated from the bottom-up.

Admin said...

Caused by the H1N1 virus, Swine flu is a viral infection affecting the respiratory tract like any other flu virus. There is no need to panic. Every once in a while, pandemics do occur and only the the person with weak immunity succumbs, which may happen with any viral infection. If swine flu is really that deadly, all the doctors would have been victims by now! There are flu viruses which are of innumerable types besides the H1N1.
Remember fevers and respiratory infections are in any case at their peak in monsoons and very few of them may be swine flu. Precautions to prevent being attacked by the virus would help in improving the body’s resistance.
Fight swine flu by improving body’s resistance

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder whether the likes of Burnham, or civil servants in the Dept. of Health have been taking kickbacks to promote the likes of Tamiflu and the swine flu vaccine.

Elaine said...

I tried to go to your posts link but it was locked down. Is there some way to view them?


Henry North London said...

Swine Flu or any Flu for that matter


Vitamin D3 at doses of 2000-3000IU per day both as a prophylaxis and as a treatment

I will give you a cast iron guarantee of this.

But only at that dose. Nothing less. It will also work in Tuberculosis at a higher dose and possibly cure the common cold

High Cholesterol?

Vitamin B3 Niacin Modified release tablets. 1-2 grams at night.

IN the BNF and eminently prescribable by your doctor

DO NOT take a Statin

Also take Co enzyme Q 10 100mg-300mg and 1000mg Vitamin C twice daily and you will never have heart disease from fatty deposits.

Ignore me at your peril.

Most people on a western English diet are deficient in B and C vitamins.

Don't die of ignorance.

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