Sunday, 30 August 2009

Even the Times says that Vitamin D is essential

Get your Vitamin D levels checked

25hydroxyvitamin D blood levels need to be 65-90ng/mls

Moan, who worked with Richard Setlow, a biophysicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York state, said vitamin D deficiency could be lethal. Research links it with heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and reduced immunity.

Their research says: “Cold climates and high latitudes would speed up the need for skin lightening. Agricultural food was an insufficient source of vitamin D, and solar radiation was too low to produce enough vitamin D in dark skin.”

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TedHutchinson said...

To get your Vitamin D level checked why participate in the trial at
Grassrootshealth D Action for the cheapest 25(OH)D postal testing service.

They also have a chart online showing disease incidence prevention by 25(OH)D level.

while I agree that 65-90ng/ml is an entirely natural level that the human body settles at given regular full body sun exposure I'm not yet convinced that there is sufficient evidence to prove that levels above 55ng offer much benefit. However if I had a diagnosis for Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease I may very well think it is better to be on the safe side.
Our body only stores in significant amounts of Vitamin D3 when circulating 25(OH)D is above 50ng/ml.
As we know up to 10,000iu/daily is safe even in places where ample sun is available throughout the year it would make sense to keep a higher reserve of D3 and higher circulating 25(OH)D level if you know your body may have particular requirement for high levels of natural anti inflammatory agents.

TedHutchinson said...

I should have said why NOT get your 25(OH)D level checked?

Average UK adult status shows we all have less than required for optimum risk reduction.