Sunday, 8 March 2009

Two deaths per day caused by blunders in London NHS hospitals

A parochial view of the NHS 'blunder' snapshot.

Hundreds of patients are dying in London hospitals because of treatment blunders.

Figures published for the first time today reveal the extent of medication overdoses and other mistakes in the NHS.

The Government's safety watchdog, the National Patient Safety Agency, found that 365 deaths occurred in the capital's hospitals and care centres in six months last year. They include those blamed on faulty equipment, incorrect diagnoses, and nurses giving patients overdoses of sedatives.

365 in six months? Not much need to reach for the calculator here, it's two unnecessary deaths every day.

More ammo for when my GP starts hectoring.

Source: Evening Standard

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Darwen Reporter said...

Only two deaths a day? It's probably at least double that.

Carelessness is a way of life in many hospitals!