Tuesday, 3 March 2009

NHS Records: Proof the State still thinks it owns you body and soul

As you know, the Trojan Horse known as The Coroners and Justice Bill, aims to hoover up all information about us so that it can be used on fishing expeditions, seeking out people who have to then prove their innocence for crimes nobody reported and to sell off to the highest bidder for private gain.

Now, Doctors are right to complain that such disclosure is highly likely to make patients withhold vital information in consultation rooms for fear that it will eventually be used against them by people who have no context and no expertise to make any judgements whatsoever. Plenty of "authority", mind.

Imagine someone even TALKING to their GP about mental health, for example? That could render them unemployable. People will just clam up, with all manner of consequences. For the State this is but a mere bagatelle when compared to all that lovely information and the warm feeling they get knowing that the entire population realise that every word they say could come back to bite them in future at the whim of a bureaucrat.
Source: LUPK 'blog.

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