Thursday, 19 March 2009

Another Death Service Hospital

A son who thought his mother was recovering in hospital was told by a doctor "she has come here to die", an inquest has heard.

Inquests are being held at Portsmouth Coroner's Court into the deaths of 10 patients at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital (GWMH) more than 10 years ago.

Elsie Lavender, 84, was transferred to the hospital after suffering a stroke.

Her son Alan thought she was recovering well but when she got to GWMH she rapidly deteriorated, jurors heard.

Hampshire police have carried out a series of investigations into the treatment of patients at the Hampshire hospital in the late 1990s but no prosecutions have ever been brought by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Some of their families believe that sedatives such as diamorphine were over-prescribed at the hospital and led to the death of their relatives who were receiving recuperative care.

In a twist on "Name that Party" The BBC forgets to mention the name of the organisation that runs the hospital.

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