Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Woman is left brain damaged after waiting two hours for an ambulance... that was sitting only 100 YARDS away

A woman suffered serious brain injuries and a heart attack after she was forced to wait two hours for an ambulance - which was sitting 100 yards away.

Caren Paterson, 33, collapsed in her flat in Islington, North London, before her boyfriend made three frantic 999 calls pleading for an ambulance to arrive.
Her brain was starved of oxygen.

Ms Paterson's family have now started legal proceedings against the London Ambulance Service after it emerged that staff were told not to enter the flat.

Paramedics were required to have a police escort, which was not available at the time, because officers had previously attended the address and deemed it 'high risk'.

But the Paterson's legal team believe the grading might have related to a different flat or was placed on the property several years before Ms Paterson, a medical researcher at King's College Hospital, moved in...
Source: Daily Mail

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AntiCitizenOne said...

Why did it take the police 2 hours to show up?