Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Court told how ‘bungler surgeon’ butchered breasts

A surgeon left a cancer sufferer with uneven breasts and nipples after botching reconstructive surgery, a misconduct hearing was told. Dr David Jackson was alleged to have made a string of other medical blunders including leaving another woman with an asymmetric belly button after liposuction.

He was also said to have removed the wrong lump of breast tissue during another patient’s lumpectomy and failed to spot his error. He wrongly told the woman everything was fine before discharging her from hospital. In another case, he punctured a woman’s abdomen during a hernia repair, the GMC heard.

But the doctor may escape a full disciplinary hearing as he has applied to be struck off the register himself, claiming he is unwell. Jackson faces 75 allegations of inappropriate and incorrect treatment on a total of 16 patients across four hosp­itals in Kent between 1989 and 2007...
Source: The Metro

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