Monday, 22 March 2010

Hospital tells parents to drive burns girl 25 miles for treatment

WHEN five-year-old Madison Healy was rushed to hospital with third degree burns her parents expected her to be given urgent treatment.

Instead doctors at University Hospital sent her away naked with just a blanket to protect her from the cold. Her parents were told the youngster needed to see a burns specialist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital 25 miles away – and were told to drive her there themselves.

Bosses at University Hospital say they understand why Maddy’s parents were distressed but insist doctors made sure she was safe and stable before referring her. They say the burns were ‘relatively small’ and did not put Maddy in danger so the guidelines advised she be sent by car rather than ambulance.

But furious mum Alana Regan said: “It was very traumatic – I feared the delay might cause lasting damage.
Source: Coventry Telegraph.

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Man with Many Chins said...

Well, after my younger brother was in a serious car crash (his hand was outside the car), the wonderful people at Swindon's Great Waste of Healthcare (Great Western Hospital) expected my step-mum to drive him to Salisbury Hospital (42 miles 1.5 hours minimum).

Bearing in mind, they had doped him up on morphine, his hand was totally smashed as the car rolled onto his hand, and he required re-constructive surgery. What about if he had a reaction to the morphine, had a seizure or went into shock? They just didn't give a shit.

Although on the flip side, he received (and is still receiving) first class treatment at Salisbury Hospital.