Thursday, 11 March 2010

Disabled woman who asked for help getting 200 yards from car park into hospital told 'dial 999'

Donatella Coppini, 42, suffers from a spinal condition which means she has to use sticks to walk. She was taken to A&E by her partner Nick Ault, 34, suffering from excruciating back pains but when the couple asked hospital staff to help her inside they were told to dial 999. The couple from Shoeburyness in Essex had to wait in the hospital car park until paramedics arrived to help them into Southend Hospital.

Mr Ault, who is his partner's full-time carer, said: "She was in the car and couldn't move. I asked if someone could get help and get her out of the car. They said they would have to call 999 to help them. So I had to dial 999 even though it was just 200 yards from A&E. It blows my mind, it's suppose to be a hospital. If someone fell over outside and cracked their head would they need to call 999? I think it's pathetic and unacceptable."
Source: The Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

Where did you copy and paste this article from?

Demetrius said...

Have you seen Iain Dale today (Friday) on the Maidstone Hospital item?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Jaycee, click the post title and it will link through to the original article.

Demetrius, nope. Is it of interest?