Sunday, 14 February 2010

Son sues hospital over mother’s death in botched surgery

The son of a woman who bled to death after a botched operation is suing the hospital which treated her.

Ray Swing's mother Jean, 86, suffered a haemorrhage at Kingston hospital following surgery to improve the blood supply to her ulcerated legs.

Mr Swing blames her death on “untrained” staff, who he claims failed to recognise his mother was seriously ill. The motor service manager is taking legal action against the hospital which admits there was an “unacceptable” lapse of care.

Mr Swing told the Standard: “They [the hospital] said this was a simple procedure — at no stage did they say it was dangerous. She bled to death.”

The mother of five from Putney died last July. An inquiry by the hospital revealed a catalogue of errors. A spokesman said staff were receiving training on how to document medical notes and on the proper use of observation charts. Chief executive Kate Grimes said they had apologised.
Source: Evening Standard

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