Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Paediatric surgeon Pierina Kapur mistakenly removed a baby’s bladder

A surgeon mistakenly removed a baby's bladder in an operation that means she will need a catheter for the rest of her life, a disciplinary hearing has been told.

Pierina Kapur, 43, a consultant paediatric surgeon, was scheduled to remove a hernial sac on a seven-week-old baby at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. But she mistook the child's bladder for the hernia, removing 90 per cent of it. It was only after the operation, when the child was admitted to the intensive care unit with acute kidney failure, that the full extent of the blunder was realised.

Miss Kapur appeared before the General Medical Council fitness-to-practise panel in Manchester. She has admitted that her role in the surgery was inadequate and fell below the standard expected of a consultant paediatrician, but denies misconduct...
Source: The Times


AntiCitizenOne said...

I hope someone treating the poor victim of the NHS sees this


A voice of reason said...

My wife and I have nothing but gratitude or Doctor Kapur. She saved the life of our child and was so caring and compassionate. She took time out to see we were fully informed and were aware of the risks of the surgery. One of the things that she had to explain was the difficulties on operating on a new born baby and how everything is very small and closely packed together. Although I feel a great deal of sympathy for the parents of baby A I must say that is it really worth closing the career of someone who has done so much good for years for one (albeit catastrophoic mistake)she has saved countless lives and can of course go on to save many more if she is allowed the chance.
I beg the people looking at this to also show some compassion for the Doctor who has after all made a genuine mistake and has certainly not acted with any malice, she would only ever have had the baby's best interests at heart.

Henry North London said...

She's going to be shafted

They really stick the knife in foreign sounding doctors. I should know Im there at the moment.

The racist bastards at the GMC will not rest until all brown doctors are on conditions ( and then the NHS will fall apart) its all a Labour scam

honest ED Doc said...

Henry North London, what a load of rubbish. I am a close friend of Pierina's and I know that she would admit this has nothing to do with racism but that she made a mistake when she thought she was acting in the baby's best interests. When you are a paediatric surgeon, the stakes are very high. A 7 week old baby's bladder is a tiny structure and easily damaged. I see there are comments from grateful parents saying Pierina saved their child's life and I bet she saved many more.

Playing the race card is a cheap shot. If you really are in trouble with the GMC, it will not be due to racism in that organisation. I hope the chip on your shoulder will not prevent you from recognising that.