Thursday, 10 May 2012

Patient’s corpse was left unnoticed in hospital car park for 2 days

From The Metro:

The 79-year-old man’s corpse was found in his car by an attendant patrolling the area.
He had driven to the hospital for an appointment on Thursday last week but was not discovered until shortly after 11am on Saturday.

His Ford Fiesta was parked in a disabled parking area and a hospital spokesman said, although this was regularly patrolled, it was not unusual for cars to remain for a longer period of time without raising suspicion.

‘Contrary to information printed in some media, the gentleman was not slumped across the steering wheel of the car,’ the spokesman added. ‘All CCTV has been passed to the police and, therefore, we cannot say with any certainty how long he had been in his car.’

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, Devon, but say they are not treating it as suspicious ‘at this time’. The deceased is believed to have been from the Leigham area of the city and his next of kin has been informed.

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust said the man was not visible to anyone walking past. When he was found near the outpatients department, the trust’s emergency response team attended before paramedics and police were called. Car park operator Vinci Park UK has yet to comment.

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