Wednesday, 21 September 2011

NHS loses CD of 1.6 MILLION patients' records

An NHS trust has told patients that it is acting to improve its data handling practices after a rebuke from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) for losing a CD containing details on 1.6 million people.

Chief executive of NHS Kent and Medway Ann Sutton said that information is now more secure following the implementation of encryption systems to replace the use of floppy discs and CDs.

Last week the trust was handed an undertaking by the information watchdog after sending the personal information to a landfill during an office move in March. The ICO said the data contained the names, addresses, dates of birth, NHS numbers and GP details of those affected.
Source: The Register.


Demetrius said...

So thats why all the neighbours are avoiding me! More seriously, one person we know who returned from abroad let a major hospital have a full set of records and DVD of the procedure. They lost them. A second was given and they were lost. I suspect most records are grossly misleading and inadequate. Have you seen the US Preesia system?

Mjolinir said...

So NHS 'loses' a million or so records. What's to worry about - they've probably been 'lost' several times already in other negligent mishandling of data.

Michel said...

What should it be called .The data of patients are important than the reserves So the monetary system must be changed.