Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mother killed by a blood clot weeks after GP told her 'Don't worry, you won't drop dead'

A woman who feared her continual migraines were life-threatening died weeks after a GP allegedly told her: ‘Don’t worry, you won’t drop dead.’

Lucy Rudol visited her doctor up to 50 times to voice her worries at the headaches which were leaving her in pain and confused, an inquest heard. After four years she was eventually given a scan which revealed blood clots on her brain and showed that Miss Rudol, of Reddish, Stockport, had suffered a series of minor strokes.

Her mother, Julie Harrison, a nurse, said: ‘Lucy started feeling numbness down her left side and she developed terrible headaches. Initially we believed the diagnoses of migraines and Lucy was relieved it was nothing serious. But the symptoms didn’t get any better and the medication they gave her didn’t work. She kept going back because she was so worried.

'I would estimate she went at least 50 times and I started to think it might be a bleed on the brain because I recognised the symptoms. But they just dismissed us. This went on for years and the symptoms started to get worse. She would get confused and one day she said she couldn’t understand the words in her book. One week, Lucy was so ill that went to see the GP three times, but it wasn’t until we insisted on a brain scan that they agreed. That was four years later.’

The scan was carried out in March last year and revealed blood clots on her brain which showed she had suffered a series of minor strokes...
Source: Daily Mail.

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