Monday, 13 December 2010

GP warns against delaying surgery for smokers and the obese

A leading doctor has slammed proposals to delay surgery for smokers and the obese, saying any such move is likely to lead to a great strain on the NHS.

The plans are among NHS West Kent’s initiatives to drive down costs and avoid a budget deficit at the end of this financial year that is currently predicted to run into the millions.

Dr Robert Blundell, the vice chair of the Kent Local Medical Committee (LMC), said: "The PCT is effectively asking GPs to seek to ration health care in a fashion that will sit ethically most uncomfortably with most of them."

He warned that consequences would put strain on GP resources and other health and social care services.

Source: Kent News


blackdog said...

The sickest aspect of all of this is, the rubbish advice one is given, to lose wieght, or not become diabetic, is often actually contributory to the condition. Low fat high carb diets, which are peddled by these dense idiots, does not work, and has been scientifically, proven not to.
So you do your time on the bike, treadmill etc, eat the tasteless rubbish they advocate, to slim and be healthy, and arrive back at the starting point. They then tell you that you haven't been adhereing to instruction and to start all over.
Are we also to include in the cohort of self-harmers, the idiots who destroy their joints by running marathons? Or are they exempt because they are 'healthy'. My Hospital has a whole dept. dedicated to 'sports injuries', I suggest we close it.
I'm so old that I started smoking when it was not classed as unhealthy, so am I exempt from the tyrants rule? I'll give up, when Steve Field drops down to 11 stone.

matthew.nunn said...

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SadButMadLad said...

Thats what you get when you get a service run by bean counters rather than people who know the business. And I use the term bean counter in a derogatory manner -