Thursday, 30 September 2010

Take Your Medicine Like Good Boys And Girls!

The government has more than 30 million swine flu vaccines left over after responding to the outbreak of the swine flu pandemic last year.
Hmmm, what to do, what to do....

I know! *snaps fingers*
Combining immunisation against the flu with the swine flu vaccine would prevent people from being able to turn down the swine flu jab without also missing out on the usual protection against winter flu viruses.
Capital idea! If they won't take their medicine, Nanny NHS will hold their nose until they do!
She said: "By March this year, that vaccine had been given out 5.5million times and there have been no reported cases of narcolepsy in Britain. There is very little change to the seasonal flu vaccination which will still protect against a large number of flu viruses. It is simply that the swine flu vaccine has been added. People will be notified of this when they receive their invitation letters to get the jab so it won't be a surprise."
This sort of breathtaking audacity still comes as a surprise, love, even to me....

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blackdog said...

Just goes to show: whatever Government we have, they still perpetrate the the same old tricks. The paternalism of D.A.D - Decide, Announce, Defend.

As an 'old fart', I've recieved my missive from the GP to arrange for my 'flu shot. Bugger all said about the addition of any swine flu component. Told 'em to f**k off!