Thursday, 8 July 2010

Jane Harrop, 30, dies after doctors tell her: You've only got a headache

Jane Harrop was told she ‘only had a migraine’. But ten days later, she was dead – after medics failed to diagnose what is believed to be Menigo-myeloncephalitis.

The care at Good Hope Hospital, Birmingham was ‘an absolute joke’, said Mrs Harrop’s husband, Dean, ‘The day before she died on February 19, Jane was rolling about on the floor screaming,’ added the builder from Selly Oak.

Hospital bosses have launched an inquiry into the 30-year-old carer’s treatment, and findings will be passed to a coroner. Lisa Dunn, Good Hope Hospital director, said: ‘We would again like to pass on our sincere condolences to the family.’
Source: The Metro.


AntiCitizenOne said...

Lessons will be learnt....

Professional Web Promotion said...

After all the bad publicity you would think that medics could get it right. They so often ignore the obvious. Even a layman would know the classic signs of this killer disease.

What's the point in all that medical training if they won't use it?

Freewoman of England said...

They don't get any decent training these days. Honestly have you fallen for the Emperor has new clothes scam from the NHS already?

AntiCitizenOne said...

Pathetic excuse for staff inadequacies.

Freewoman of England said...

Oh I know but the fact is that medical students are told what to learn and what not to bother with.

Unfortunately I liked reading the whole book and as a result know much more biochemistry than my peers.

The chapter where it says Excess sugar in the diet from starchy foods turns to cholesterol and fat in the body for example

We were told not to read that chapter as it had no relevance... to our exams

Nowadays they don't even get the amount of anatomy, biochem and physiology that we got 20 odd years ago
They have communication skills... I shudder to think that the doctors now qualifying as consultants in 4 years time will know less than myself on most subjects.