Monday, 24 May 2010

Midwife sliced off newborn baby's FINGER as she tried to cut the umbilical cord

A new mother was left ‘hysterical’ when a midwife sliced off her baby girl’s finger as she cut her umbilical cord.

Horrified Jasvir Kainth said she didn’t know if little Ishika would survive as there was ‘blood everywhere’ following the incident at Wolverhampton's New Cross Hospital.

The newborn had to be rushed 17 miles from the delivery room to another hospital to have the left digit sewn back on.
Bandaged: Ishika Kainth is now recovering at home after a midwife sliced off her finger while cutting her umbilical cord at Wolverhampton's New Cross Hospital

Ishika, who was born last Friday, will now be heavily bandaged for the first few weeks of her life until she recovers.

Jasvir, 28, of Wolverhampton, who had already been through a four-hour labour said: ‘The midwife was using really sharp scissors to cut the cord from the maternity pack, which we think were the wrong equipment.

‘When she cut the eight-inch cord she cut through the finger as well, but didn't even notice at first.

'My husband told her she'd cut the finger off and she replied, “No I haven't”, so I had to say to her, “Look at all the blood”.

'We were hysterical - we weren't even sure Ishika would make it through because there was blood everywhere.

'It has caused so much stress to both of us, because when the birth is normal otherwise like ours was then you just don't expect these things to happen.

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Source: Daily Mail