Tuesday, 20 October 2009

'I lost my daughter after GP failed to notice cancer'

Mike Sams, whose 26-year-old daughter Nikki died of cervical cancer, said a "catalogue of unforgivable errors" cost her her life.

Miss Sams's GP, Dr Navin Shankar, 59, who treated her at a health centre in Luton, is being investigated by the General Medical Council. Miss Sams only found out she had cervical cancer after switching doctors following years of complaints to Dr Shankar.

The GMC has already heard he did not perform an abdominal or internal examination or send her to hospital, despite her complaints of intermenstrual bleeding. It also found Dr Shankar, who had treated the advertising saleswoman from Luton between 1999 and 2005, failed to keep adequate records.

A performance assessment of the GP is now being carried out, and the GMC will then decide whether sanctions should be taken against him...
So there's no default that the NHS sue him for failing to do what they were paying him to do? Pity.

Source: Evening Standard.

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angus said...

Sounds very familiar, for Daughter insert Wife, for GP insert Senior Surgical Consultant and for Cervical cancer insert Bowel cancer.

Same story, no action taken by GMC of course.